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A Better Way to Pay

Instant point-of-sale financing for e-commerce and in-store purchases

Rating with the Better Business Bureau
Canada’s leader in e-commerce installment payments
Over 4000 merchants nationwide

Who We Are

PayBright’s mission is to make the everyday commerce experience simply better for Canadians. We partner with leading merchants to let you buy now and pay over time for the purchases you want. You’ll find us online and in-store at your favourite retailers.

Furniture, Appliances and Electronics
Vacations and Travel
Sporting Goods
Sports & Fitness Equipment

For Customers

Retail financing is easy with PayBright. Apply online on any device or at the point-of-sale to get instantly approved and complete your purchase today.

  • Easy application with instant unconditional approval
  • High approval rate
  • Low monthly payments
  • No early repayment penalties
  • Renewable line of credit

For Merchants

Ignite your growth with instant point-of-sale financing available 24/7 on your desktop, mobile device and your website.

  • Make big-ticket products and services more affordable and close more sales
  • Attract new customers with promotional 0% and low-interest financing
  • Foster repeat purchases with renewable credit limits dedicated to your business
  • Receive your funds upfront with no credit risk to you
E. Mc Nulty
PayBright Customer

I like the process and found the service was very fast and easy to use.

G. Matthews
PayBright Customer

I applied online, the process was nice and easy. I would recommend PayBright to my family and friends, the installment payments enabled me to get my car fixed, stress free!

J. Cannon
PayBright Customer

I went to buy my mattress and don’t like to pay for it up front. I liked that I could keep my credit card open for emergencies.

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