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Adding PayBright to your osCommerce store

  • Click here to download the PayBright osCommerce Package

  • 1. Once you’ve downloaded the file named PayBright_osCommerce.zip, you’ll need to unzip/decompress its contents. Upload each of the paybright.php files to their respective directories:

    • –  /catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/payment/paybright.php
    • –  /catalog/includes/modules/payment/paybright.php

  • 2. Login to admin section and open ‘Modules->Payment’.

  • 3. Select ‘Install Module’ option.

  • 4. Choose ‘PayBright’ module from the list of available payment gateways and select ‘Install Module’.

  • 5. Once it gets installed, you can see PayBright module in ‘Payment’ list.

  • 6. Select ‘PayBright’ module, and setup PayBright on your store.

    Please email us at cs@paybright.com to get your API Credentials.